The must-have book for all Rhodesian Ridgeback enthusiasts and "old African hands".

Richly illustrated with over 130 images, including maps, breeding records, letters, prize certificates and old photos.

184 pages; hard covered; 306mm (just over 12 inches) high, 247mm (9.75 inches) wide.

Written by Linda Costa, 'Rhodesian Ridgeback Pioneers' is a lasting tribute to those breeders, owners and dogs who formed the early days of the breed, since its “pre-pioneering” nineteenth century days as a familiar but unremarked ridged dog in Africa, to the instantly recognisable and registered breed that is admired today throughout the world.

Meticulously researched over many years, and drawing on many primary sources, including letters, family reminiscences, newspaper cuttings, old pedigrees, early registrations, and numerous extant archives, it describes the formation of the breed club, the writing of the standard and the early publicity surrounding the breed, and profiles the lives of some of the early breeders who assisted in founding the breed. Chapters include the pre-pioneering days, the founders of the breed, the origins of the first registered Ridgebacks, the early breeders and early exports.

This book will provide Ridgeback owners and “old African hands” alike with an extraordinary insight into a fascinating period of colonial Rhodesian history. Appendices cover early registrations and pedigree information, early exports and early studies into dermoid sinus. It is a definitive reference book for all Rhodesian Ridgeback owners and breeders.

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